5" X 4" B-grade

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5" X 4" B-grade Mica sheet $6.49 Each.

Stove Use:
As we grade our high quality mica sheets sometimes we find some sheets are a little too speckled or have to much graining and markings for our high standard, this shows up when they are placed on a white sheet of paper or held up to the light but when fitted in the stove it doesn't really notice.
These are the same thickness and are still perfect for stoves, if fact we sell a lot of these to the trade to fit in their stoves for sale.
( lets face it, it's going to get dirty once you've lit the stove )

Electrical Use:
These are also ideal for all electrical applications.
Manufactures often use SIL pads as they are cheap!
Mica insulators will provide better performance than SIL pads.
These mica sheets provide electrical insulation while providing the BEST thermal conductivity that is available.

The thickness of our mica sheets are between: 0.004 / 0.006" , so these are thick enough to split or cleave into several more sheets to meet your electrical insulation needs.

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