Our stove mica sheets are the best on the net.

We don't want to sound big headed but:

We have been trading in stove mica for many years and have traded with suppliers and watched the quality go down, so switched to another supplier and so on, the mica had black spots or green smudges or was very thin.
As America hasn't had any working, sheet mica mines for decades and the best mica comes from India, it only made sense to go and find the best mine for the material and the best processing factory.

And that's what we did, bought the best mica and had it processed into sheets and imported it.

The thickness of
other stove mica sheets on sale are between: 0.003 / 0.006”

The thickness of
our stove mica sheets 0.005-0.007”

100% transparent with a slight greenish tint, with no noticeable spotting or blemishes.

We have photo's that enlarge of our mica sheets not little thumbnails that won't enlarge or generic photo's taken from the web.

It's a pain fitting new windows to your parlor stove, so fit the best and we don't charge more for it!

100% money back guarantee. If you aren't pleased with the quality, just mail it back and we will refund your money !