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Mica sheets for wood and coal stoves.

We supply stove mica sheets, all around the world for wood burning and coal burning stoves, especially antique stoves, also kerosene stoves, boilers, kilns, lanterns etc.

We are extremely proud of the excellent quality of our mica, which is sourced from only the best mines in the world, and graded for A1 quality, therefore our stove mica is clear and as uniform as a natural product can be.

The Thickness of our mica sheets are between: 0.005-0.007” or 0.1250-0.1750 mm
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Because we trade in the Dollar and the G.B. Pound and can swap back and forth, we can can keep our quality this high and prices low!

We are so confident in the quality of our mica sheets we have a money back guarantee.
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